Cahawba Alabama

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Old Cahawba

Cahawba was once Alabama’s state capital (1819-1826) and a thriving antebellum river town. It became a ghost town shortly after the Civil War. Today it is an …

Old Cahawba

Old Cahawba is Alabama’s most famous ghost town. In 1819 the town was carved out of the wilderness to be the state’s first capital.

Cahaba, Alabama – Wikipedia

Cahaba, also spelled Cahawba, was the first permanent state capital of Alabama from 1820 to 1825, and the county seat of Dallas County, Alabama until 1866.

Old Cahawba: Alabama’s Most Famous Ghost Town

… The small town of Old Cahawba, also Cahawba or Cahaba, is located in Dallas County, just outside of Selma, Alabama. From 1820 to 1826, this …

7 weird things you’ll learn at Alabama’s most famous ghost town, Old …

… Remnants of wells can still be found at Cahaba, including the preserved well on the E.M. Perine plantation that was once the deepest artesian …

Cahawba House

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Cahaba | Encyclopedia of Alabama

… In Alabama, Mississippian culture would evolve into the Native American cultures of the Creeks, Choctaws, Chickasaws, and Cherokees. The name …

First Cahawba Bank – Banking the way it should be!

For all your personal banking and business banking needs, First Cahawba Bank covers you from Selma to Baldwin County and Gulf Shores.

Old Cahawba – Alabama’s Capital Ghost Town | We Are Huntsville

… No town in Alabama exudes as much mystery as Old Cahawba. Known as “Alabama’s most famous ghost town,” the site illustrates the mystery of …

Old Cahawba Archaeological Site – Cahaba, Alabama

Old Cahawba was the first permanent capitol for the State of Alabama. Located at the confluence of the Alabama and Cahaba Rivers, Old Cahawba is now a ghost …

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