10 Best Places to visit in Alabama | Alabama travel destinations

1. Dauphin Island

Dauphin Island is a town in Alabama on the Gulf coast and it’s known for stretches of white sand beaches. The island is the first land bird sea as they journey North. There are several bird sanctuaries on the island, yet the main one is the Audubon bird sanctuary. The island beaches have stunning sunsets. If you’ve ever listened to the phrase damn the torpedoes full speed ahead, it came from admiral Farrakhat in the battle of mobile bay. The historical walled fort games once stood guard at the bay’s entryway.

2. Noccalula Falls Park

The romance of the past lurks under the waters at Noccalula Falls Park. Legend has it that Noccalula chose to jump over the 90-foot drop during her marriage ceremony instead of marrying the wealthy chief. There’s a nine-foot high statue of her in the falls which dropped down in the black creek ravine. Where there’s sadness there is beauty. Take the more than 25,000 Azalea plants in this Gadsden park. When you camp here, you can walk along the park’s hiking trails or let your children have fun in the petting zoo and visit the pioneer village to learn about the history.

3. Montgomery

The capital city of Alabama, Montgomery has an interesting past. However, Rosa Parks made the city famous. An African-American woman made the civil rights movement in 1965, after refusing to hand over her bus seat to a white person. Today’s city on the Alabama river is noted for its many skyscrapers and art scene. It’s also considered one of the most impressive artistic scenes in the U.S. Alabama Shakespeare festival presents bard plays in its blunt park theater throughout the year.

4. Cheaha State Park

It’s the highest point in Alabama. 2,413 feet high mountain is situated inside the state park named after Cheaha, a cree indian word. The park is situated within Talladega national forest. Cheaha State Park offers excellent hiking access via the Appalachian trail and other trails. There’s even a track designed for ATV enthusiasts, if you prefer to take a ride rather than walk through the wilderness. The options for accommodation ranges in price from camping up to the luxurious lodges. If you want a romantic outdoor location as your wedding venue, the park staff can arrange your wedding. The park is also well known among daytime visitors.

5. Mobile

It’s located at the head of Mobile Bay and Alabama’s only saltwater port. It’s the third-largest city on the Gulf Coast between New Orleans and St. Petersburg. It’s a major cultural hub on the ocean and has art galleries, museums, professional orchestras, and opera. In the early spring months, the city is in bloom with Azaleas. In February, the city hosts the longest organized carnival of the U.S. The Carnival began in the 1700s. Mobile is renowned for its Antebellum buildings and a mixture of different styles found in nine historic districts.

6. Gulf Shores

It’s a popular tourist attraction on the Gulf of Mexico, just located 54 miles from Mobile Bay. It’s a great spot for a fishing trip on the ocean. Play golf on two of the best courses or take a dolphin cruise. In addition to the regular beach-based activities, you can take a cruise along the gulf and take your entire family to an amusement park and water park. If you’re a party-goer and left a party, then the end of April is the perfect time to be there. It’s the time, when the biggest beach party in the world takes place. Enjoy the party while you throw dead mullets over the state line that connects Florida.

7. Little River Canyon National Preserve

It’s frequently praised as the best Canyon. Like the deepest Canyon, east of the Mississippi river, the little river which starts from northwest of Georgia and the largest river in the United States that runs on top of a mountain. Although it’s only 600 feet deep at its deepest and an amazing landform in the south of the Appalachian mountains, the little river is a wild and scenic river and nature preserves its surroundings. It is the home of various endangered species of wildlife and plants.

8. Orange Beach

It’s a resort city with 5,500 people living on Gulf coast border. It’s among the best places in Alabama for those who want to relax, perhaps staying in a beachfront house and playing a bit of Tennis or Basketball at the rec center, if you’re bored of water sports activities. It’s also a great place to go Dolphin spotting or you can go to the Orange Beach Islands. Four Islands lie at Perdido pass which is accessible via watercraft. They are popular among water sports enthusiasts and provide a great spot to view seabirds and marine mammals.

9. Huntsville

Huntsville is often referred as a rocket city because of its involvement in the U.S space program. Chemical weapon facilities constructed in world war II were converted into space-based installations after the war. The United States launched its first satellite in 1958. Today NASA’s manned space flight center is located in Huntsville. The city is home to a variety of houses that were built in the early 1800s. There are museums like space camp. The Alabama constitution village which was reconstructed in federal-style structures. Playhouse with its collection of Noritake porcelain and veterans memorial museum with its collection of military vehicles.

10. Birmingham

It’s a major city in England’s west midlands and was established during civil war reconstruction. It is currently the biggest city in Alabama. Since it was once the south’s largest industrial zone and earned the title for being the Pittsburgh of the south, it’s the capital of culture in Alabama and has the most extensive collection of art museums like the Birmingham museum of art. Additionally, you will find opera ballet, and various theaters in the city. Birmingham hosts several film and music festivals, including the sidewalk moving picture festival attracting filmmakers worldwide. The old mill on shades creek is the main spot for tourists which was constructed in 1926 and later on Mike Franklin and John Parker restored the site to the wonderful place you see today.

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